Radio Show

The Filipino youth ­ they are the movers and shakers of the contemporary culture.

They are restless; always on the lookout for something new, challenging and Exciting. But they also seek their purpose; they go through hurdles and they aspire for their dreams. Sometimes they fall, but they get up and they triumph. We join them in that journey.

Support the equally powerful force of Voice the Youth Network – the multi ­awarded and internationally recognized premiere youth advocacy group of the country;

Creativoices Productions, the voice of creativity and 8 TRIMEDIA Broadcasting Network DZRJ 810 AM – as we continue to celebrate the Filipino Youth! Their views and vision… Their adventure…

Their Life!

In our 21th year, VOICE OF THE YOUTH RADIO brings more quality programming as we further inform, inspire, involve and empower.

But now we’re going beyond radio… aside from the live streaming Webcast of

990 kHz heard over the Internet, VOTY Radio episodes could also be heard through Podcast and its transcripts could be read over the VOTY blog.

We’re going beyond issues… as we dig deeper into the points of views of the youth on matters of their interest and concerns.

We’re going beyond opportunities… as we guide them through the world of entrepreneurship, volunteerism, public service, local and international youth affairs.

We’re beyond hip… as we present the latest and coolest trends in technology, music and pop culture.

We are the Power… we are the Voice of the Youth!



July 1, 2017